Small Grants - Projects we have funded

December 2020

  • Paul Fernie
  • Victoria Kammin
  • Joon Oh

May 2020 Small Grants Call

  • Joanna Parsons (Report expected December 2022 - Covid delays)

December 2019 Small Grants Call

  • Gemma Lenton-Smith: (Report expected July 2022 - Covid delays)
  • Giorgos Tsiris (St Columba's Hospice): (Report expected December 2022 - Covid delays)
  • Helen Wallace: (Report awaited - Covid delays)
  • Tina Warnock: (Report expected July 2021 - Covid delays)

May 2019 Small Grants Call

December 2018 Small Grants Call

May 2018 Small Grants Call

December 2017 Small Grants Call

May 2017 Small Grants Call

December 2016 Small Grants Call

May 2016 Small Grants Call

December 2015 Small Grants Call

May 2015 Small Grants Call

  • Claire Flower: 'Music Therapy with Children and Parents in a Child Development Service: A Qualitative Study of the Dynamics of Expertise.':  The study has involved running multiple focus groups with three different cohorts of participants: parents whose children are currently having music therapy, music therapists within the Child Development Service (CDS), and a cross-disciplinary group of staff within the CDS.  The small grant has funded research time during the recruitment and data collection periods of the study, enabling these phases of activity to be completed within the planned timeframe.
  • Ntourntoufis Panayotis: The main aim of our research at the Gordon Hospital is to show that music psychotherapy can reduce hospital readmission rates of patients with the above diagnoses, therefore saving the NHS money and improving both the quality of life and the life expectancy of these 'career patients' (report awaited).

Lisa Margetts: "Psychodynamic Music Therapy and the work of classroom practitioners with children with complex needs in Belarus"