Large research projects - Projects we have funded

The Music Therapy Charity funds Research fellowships in Music Therapy. The fellowships currently last for two years. This funding is only possible because of your donations.

The next major research project will focus on music therapy for the older population, particularly applications of music therapy within dementia care.

The following Music Therapists have received research funding:

Professor Leslie Bunt - Music Therapy and the Child with Intellectual and Developmental Disability
Professor Colin Lee - The Analysis of Therapeutic Improvisatory Music with People living with the Virus HIV/AIDS
Dr Gary Ansdell - Music Therapy as Discourse & Discipline: A Study of 'Music Therapist's Dilemma
Dr Amelia Oldfield
Dr Cathy Warner - Music Therapy with Adults with Learning Difficulties
Sarah Hoskyns - The effects of music therapy with adult recidivists
Penny Rogers - The effect of music therapy on children suffering from abuse
Jacqueline Robarts - The effects of music therapy on teenagers with eating disorders, and on children with autism
Philippa Derrington - Music therapy with "Youth at Risk"
Claire Flower - Music Therapy with Children and Parents in a Child Development Service: A Qualitative Study of the Dynamics of Expertise

Giorgos Tsiris - Music therapy and spirituality: An international survey of music therapists’ reported perceptions
Orii McDermott - Development and evaluation of the CHORD (CHOrus Research in Dementia) manual