Payroll Giving

How does someone donate through the Government's Payroll Giving scheme to the MTC?

If you earn a salary, or if your pension is paid via PAYE, you can use the Government Payroll Giving scheme to make regular donations.

If donors choose Payroll Giving; the Music Therapy Charity recommends Give As You Earn - the UK's largest payroll giving scheme - you can give directly from your pre-tax salary, so money that would normally be tax goes to the Music Therapy Charity instead.

Donors decide how much you want to give each month, however big or small, to the Music Therapy Charity. The donation then comes out of the salary before tax.

To join Give As You Earn the employer will need to be running a scheme. Find out if an employer offers Give As You Earn, or ask the Music Therapy Charity to contact them if they don't.

There are many benefits

  • Donors make donations tax free – so for example if a donator is a basic rate taxpayer and they make a donation of £4 per month the Music Therapy Charity could actually get £5.
  • Donor's donations are organised by their company's finance department and the Government.
  • The philanthropic life of a company is often an integral part of the employee's collective morale. A few companies' collective employees privately choose the same percentage of donation from each of their respective salaries for different respective charities. Whilst salary amounts and choice of charity sometimes remains private the fact that every employee knows everyone is paying their fair share is great for morale.
  • If your company also publicise their efforts in payroll giving it increases the stand of the company in the public eye.

Why is Gift Aid unnecessary with Payroll Giving?

Payroll Giving is another form of Gift Aid.