Large projects

Music therapy in dementia care - Fully funded PhD Fellowship
Following special fund-raising initiatives of the Charity, we are excited to announce the opportunity to apply for
a large project including a fully funded PhD fellowship. In this category the Charity is particularly keen to
continue to receive proposals concerning research relating to work with older people and applications of music
therapy in dementia care. Projects with matched funding and a multidisciplinary approach will be of particular
interest. Deadline for initial submissions (Stage 1) is the 31st December 2014. For those invited to submit a
detailed summary (Stage 2) the deadline will be 28th February 2015.

Applications should be as follows:
Stage 1: Submit a concise (no longer than one-page) summary of the project including the proposed
University, department of study, PhD supervisory arrangements and stating approximately how much funding
will be sought from the Charity. If the submission is approved, applicants will be invited to move to stage 2.
Stage 2: Submit a more detailed summary (no more than three pages), including questions or hypotheses for
investigation. Propose a method and estimated overall cost for developing the project, and identify the setting
for the project and its proposed duration. This proposal will then be evaluated by the Charity’s research
committee. If the proposal is approved, applicants will be invited to move to stage 3.
Stage 3: With the help of agreed funding from the Charity, develop a comprehensive proposal, including a
detailed description of the project, break-down of estimated costing, and a clear explanation of the aims and
objectives. If approved, applicants will be expected to have successfully registered with their University to
commence their PhD. On provision of evidence of registration, applicants will move to stage 4.
Stage 4: Undertake the project. Periodic progress reports may be requested by the Charity research
committee. On completion, disseminate the findings to all interested parties. These may include initiatives to

Submissions should be sent to: The Chairman, The Music Therapy Charity, 26 Fitzroy Square, London W1T 6BT or email: