28 June 2014

Name: Giorgos Tsiris

Research project: Music therapy and spirituality: An international survey of music therapists’ reported perceptions


This pilot doctoral study explored music therapists’ perceptions of spirituality and its (ir)relevance to music therapy. A total of 358 professional and student music therapists from 29 countries responded to an online survey, and their responses were analysed using descriptive statistics and thematic analysis. In addition to providing an overview of music therapists’ perceptions of spirituality, the findings gave an insight into how spirituality is (or is not) integrated into their training, practice, and professional life. Also, dilemmas that music therapists face, as well as their suggestions for future actions regarding spirituality and music therapy, were explored. As one of the first large international surveys on music therapy and spirituality, this study contributes to the growing evidence regarding a subject area that is considered as controversial and ‘taboo’ by some professionals.

Related publications:

Tsiris, G. (in press). Music therapy and spirituality: An international survey of music therapists’ perceptions. Nordic Journal of Music Therapy.

Tsiris, G. (2014). Exploring music therapists’ perceptions of spirituality: An international survey. In J. Fachner, P. Kern & G. Tucek (Eds.), Proceedings of the 14th World Congress of Music Therapy. Special Issue of Music Therapy Today 10(1) (pp. 210-211). Krems, Austria: World Federation of Music Therapy.

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