About the MTC

We are a national charity dedicated to supporting the highest standards of practice, research and training in music therapy. We receive no statutory funding and are completely reliant on donations.

Since 1969, the Music Therapy Charity has enabled countless music therapists to undertake research at postgraduate and doctoral level. As a result, the profession has flourished and thousands are helped by music therapy in the UK every week. 

Music can change lives for the better – please help.

Vision - for music therapy in the UK to be underpinned by a robust and credible body of evidence for its effective use in healthcare, social care and education.

Mission - to support music therapy training, practice and research at the highest level in order to achieve this vision.

Activities are to -

1. Distribute grants:
a) to support postgraduate study
b) to contribute to clinical practice eg pilot studies (small grants scheme)
c) to fund large scale research projects in specific areas of practice

2. Publish and make available research findings

3. Support an annual Visiting Research Fellow (in memory of Prof. Tony Wigram)

4. Organise a programme of musical events to celebrate excellence, attract donors and raise awareness of the beneficial effects of music therapy

5. Develop the charity's profile and fundraising potential through our attractive, dynamic website, newsletters and the use of social media