Autistic Spectrum Disorder

I am writing my third letter to you as part of the Ambache award for Music Therapy I received in September 2015 towards my MA music therapy studies at Roehampton University.

I am writing as this academic year approaches the end. University has finished for the year and I have only two more visits at my placement. It has been really the most incredible year, in so many ways exceeding my expectations. The learning curve certainly felt steep, especially in the first term. With all the written and presentation work finished for the year I have been pleased with my results so far. All that is remaining is to finish my placement. 

The placement, working with a small group of children with Autistic Spectrum Disorder, has been a fantastic experience, in many ways far more challenging than I was expecting. I have learnt so much and have been so lucky as to the excellent supervision both at placement and at Roehampton. It has helpedconsolidate the theory we have learnt and given an opportunity to practice the practical side. It has also made me recognize how much work I still need to do! With this placement ending I have begun to revise for my next placement starting in September, working with individual adults in an NHS mental health hospital. I do not have much experience in this field, having mostly worked with children previously. I am very excited about it as it is an area I have begun to find very interesting, but am a little nervous also!
This year has seemed to have gone so fast, I will be spending the summer revising the work we have done. The teaching on the course has been brilliant, with so many topics that have been new to me it is only now really sinking in. There have been so many highlights it would be hard to name one. The infant observation was an excellent experience and the Music Therapy Theory and Practice module was so interesting. The placements have been really where it has begun to feel real, The placement visits were also extremely interesting, in some places quite challenging. Meeting the therapists, participating in music therapy sessions, felt an amazing opportunity to see the work from the inside.
Over all I have absolutely loved this year. I have learnt so much, my interest and excitement for the subject has not diminished. I do not yet feel like a music therapist; I feel some way off with so much more to learn! I am looking forward to next year, beginning the research, starting a new placement and all the imminent new learning ahead.

Many thanks again for your support in enabling me to do the course, it really has made a considerable difference. 

Wishing you a lovely Summer and I will be in touch again next term. 

Many thanks again and kind regards,

Kate Grace